PokerKing Review

PokerKing joined the Winning Poker Network or WPN in 2013. At the time, the network has just made the transition from the old Yatahay Poker Network. One of the key moments in the history of the platform came in 2011 when FBI seized the domains of some of the largest poker rooms that accepted American players at the time.

The event is known as the Black Friday and led to the bankruptcy of big players such as Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. Another consequence was that PokerStars no longer accepts customers from the USA. Yatahay Poker Network actually benefited from the Black Friday. The network managed to keep its US players without issues and that’s the case with Winning Poker Network as well. This is why PokerKing provides the unique opportunity to play against Americans which are considered as pretty weak. On top of that, our PokerKing review showed that the online poker room offers plenty of promotions. This way you can combine soft games with some good PokerKing rakeback options.

Traffic Review

The parent network of PokerKing, WPN is easily in the top 10 places to play online poker when it comes to the traffic. You will see a couple of thousands of players even during hours that aren’t supposed to be populated. Also, the traffic in PokerKing is very diverse, because there are players from Europe and both Americas. As a result, there’s action almost at any given moment. When it comes to the level of the opposition, our PokerKing review showed it’s much softer during the US peak hours. This is why we recommend you to play then, if you can afford it.

We will start our PokerKing review of the traffic with more information about the cash games:

  • Micro and low limits: the action at the tables up to $50 NL Holdem is exceptional, there are tens of tables on all micro and low limits. Even if you don’t play in the most popular times, there are plenty of options. This is great news for both multi-tables who are grinding for PokerKing rakeback and players who prefer to carefully select the best possible seats against the fish. The situation in PL Omaha is also decent, although the traffic can’t compare to the Holdem options;
  • Middle limits: if your preferred games are in the $50-$200 region, you can pick between 10-15 NL Holdem tables during peak hours and at least 3-4 PL Omaha tables. That’s pretty decent and you could mix the different blind levels to get enough PokerKing action;
  • High limits: while you can hardly get tons of tables, PokerKing does manage to provide opportunities to at $600 and above, both NL Holdem and PL Omaha. There are a couple of tables up to $5,000 which is rare to see online.

The PokerKing review of the cash games traffic above doesn’t even include the Heads Up tables. The room has plenty of them and is considered one of the best places for HU specialist, both in Holdem and Omaha. We recommend you to be careful, though, as there are some weak players, but you could stumble upon solid regulars too. Make sure to identify the best players at each level at PokerKing, so you could avoid them. It’s worth noting that playing those games is a great way to earn PokerKing rakeback too.

Next in line are the SNG tournaments of the room. There is a decent traffic there during peak hours, but mostly in the low and micro levels. At PokerKing, most of the action will be up to buy-ins around $20 or so. You will find higher levels too, but not as often. The most popular SNG format is called Jackpot SNG. As the name suggests, the prize pool could be up to a couple of thousand times your buy-in. It’s a tournament for three players and the blinds rise quickly. PokerKing offers buy-ins starting at $2 and going all the way up to $40 for NL Holdem. There’s also Omaha, but the max buy-in there is $10.

The multi-table tournaments offered by PokerKing are decent as well, especially if you prefer deep formats. Most levels are covered by daily guarantees, but they often run in hours that aren’t very convenient for European players. PokerKing also regularly launches its own Online Super Series where the total guaranteed prize pools reach millions of dollars. You can’t miss those, as they are heavily promoted. If you can’t afford the entry fees, don’t worry. PokerKing offers plenty of satellites that give you the opportunity to qualify for just a couple of bucks.

Software and Trackers

One of the mixed results of our PokerKing review was the assessment of the client. It has most standard features such as picking a deck, customizing plenty of visual elements, and picking a preferred seat. Still, it’s not as smooth as some of the competition. Another negative side is that you can’t see the hand of the opponent if he folded at the showdown stage. Still, the overall experience is positive and PokerKing is working on a mobile version that should be available in the near future.

There is some good news for players who like to use additional software too. The likes of Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager run without any issues.

PokerTracker and Holdem Manager at PokerKing are supported without any special converters.

PokerKing Rake Structure

If you want to estimate the PokerKing rakeback you could earn or simply want to know what the room will charge, take a look here:

  • Cash games: PokerKing applies the traditional weigh-contributed rake for cash games. Simply put, you are contributed the same % of the rake as the % of money you put in the pot. The cap is relatively low compared to other online poker rooms;
  • Multi-table tournaments: the rake at the tournaments starts at around 10% and goes lower for the higher buy-ins. There’s no rake on add-ons and rebuys;
  • SNGs: the rake for Jackpot SNGs is 6% and in the 6-10% region for other formats.

PokerKing Rakeback

The PokerKing rakeback you can get is one of the highest online. At the start of your experience, you can pick a suitable welcome bonus that will bring you about 10-15% in PokerKing rakeback. You also are automatically entered into the VIP Program of the room. According to our PokerKing review, the highest level requires just under $3,800 rake monthly and will bring you 40% in rakeback. Even the lower levels will result in a decent rakeback ranging between 10-35%. PokerKing has many additional promotions that could increase that. If you’re a regular player at mid or high levels, you could easily hit 60% in PokerKing rakeback or even more.

Being affiliated in this room by PokerProDeals you may think of additional income from up to 70% rakeback. More detailed information about PokerKing rakeback will be available if you contact us.

❓ Is it true that there are US players on PokerKing?

Yes. PokerKing is a part of WPN network, which provides an access for US players.

❓ What time is the best to play on PokerKing?

We recommend you playing from 1AM to 10 PM CET time.

❓ What rakeback can I get playing on PokerKing?

Playing from PokerProDeals can get you up to 70% rakeback in PokerKing room. Contact with us via Skype or Telegram to get more deal details.

❓ Can HUD be used on PokerKing?

Yes, on PokerKing you can use HUDs and statistics trackers such as Holdem Manager, PokerTracker or Hand2Note.

Network WPN
Rakeback Up to 70%
Rake 5% cap 0.5-3
Trackers Support Yes
Cashier Direct
VPN Not needed

Pros and Cons

  • Many recreational players from US
  • Good rakeback
  • Good PLO and MTT-traffic
  • Second and succeeding cashouts in the month have additional fee of 5%

How to register in PokerKing?

Contact our affiliate manager, and start grinding now!


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