Betsson Poker Review

Betsson Group (Betsson AB) is a Swedish group of companies which started its history in 1963 when today’s Betsson chairman’s father Pontus Lindvall created the firm. Since the middle of 90s the company had an aggressive politics in gambling world and got its current name after buying a small British sportsbook company

Betsson AB started online poker business less than 10 years ago. The poker room of the same name was created. Betsafe was bought in 2011, NordicBet – in 2012. Couple of years ago Baltic Triobet joined the list but later in 2017 they’ve decided to shut the poker room down and transfer all the players to Betsafe. First two poker rooms began in Ongame and later joined Microgaming network and even have been multi-rooms for some time before Ongame finally was done.

As Betsson is a Swedish company, all the rooms which belong to it are mainly focused on the countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. All the poker rooms of Betsson Group as a part of the gambling holding are the sources if weak European players who mainly place bets, play casino and other games.

Microgaming, in turn, works since 1994 and started operating as an online company. It came to online poker in 2004. It is one of the leading poker networks, which survived Unibet leaving in 2014 and losing third of the pool of players with it. During the latest years, it is some sort of way out for many poker rooms of dying and closing networks. The networks came ahead of IPoker on the number of skins and became the biggest European poker network. The main room of Betsson Poker and the whole Microgaming network is essentially Betsafe Poker.

Betsson Poker is licensed in Malta.

From May 19, 2020, the MicroGaming poker network, which includes the RedStar poker room, is going to be closed. In this regard Betsson Poker rooms is moving to a new network - iPoker.

Traffic Review

One of the perks of playing in the iPoker network is you never have to worry about the traffic. Only big websites with more than 5,000 players are even able to join the network, so the player pool is quite large. Most of the traffic comes from Europe, and especially the UK, so the traffic peaks during the evenings UK time.

Betsson Poker offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha variants, and also 6+ Hold’em. At NL Hold’em almost all of the cash tables are 6-max and heads-up with a few 9-seaters that barely get any attention. There is plenty of action on the micro and low stakes with dozens of tables running on NL20, NL40, plus another 8-10 tables on NL50 and NL100. You can also find another 6-7 full tables at all times on NL200 and NL400. The traffic whittles down only slightly at NL600 where only 5-6 tables fill up, and the numbers are similar on NL1000.

The heads-up traffic is pretty poor at micro stakes and starts getting better at low and mid stakes, where you can find a couple of tables to play. But in general, there isn’t much interest, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most players at Betsson Poker are amateurs and they lack the necessary skill to compete at the heads-up tables. As for Omaha, you can find 3-4 tables at micro and low stakes, and 1-2 at mid stakes. Similar to NLH, there isn’t much going on at the PLO heads-up tables.

The fast-fold variant Speed also has a good traffic at most times. The highest traffic can be found at NL50 up to NL200, with 50-70 players hitting the tables at peak hours. The SNGs are also favored at Betsson Poker and they fill up pretty quickly at micro and low stakes. Medium staked take a bit more, but you can still get decent action. The traffic dies down at the high stakes and you’re going to need a lot of patience to find an opponent there.

Betsson Poker also runs more than 200 tournaments every day including a fantastic Sunday lineup of large guarantees. Most of them are NL Hold’em, with the occasional PLO tournament thrown in.

Software and Trackers

Betsson Poker poker client is very modern with top-notch graphics and navigation. The design and color scheme are a bit in-your-face, but that doesn’t take away from the gameplay. HUDs are not frowned upon at Betsson Poker, so you can use Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker.

Betsson Poker Rake Structure

Betsson Poker uses a Weight-contributed rake system. Weighted contributed rakeback method awards players for playing in more hands and contributing to more of the pot percentage wise. So, players will receive a percentage of rakeback that is in proportion to the amount they contributed throughout the hand. This system encourages and rewards action players.The total rake assigned to a player is called RPV (real player value), and consists of 50% WC rake (weighted contributed) and 50% SBR. The WC is the actual rake taken, as counted by HUDs. The operator charges between 2% and 4% on fixed limit tables up to a max rake of $4.00 and between 5% and 6.66% on pot limit and no limit tables up to a max rake of $4.00.

Betsson Poker Rakeback


❓ Why is it profitable to play in Betsson Poker?

Betsson Poker is a part of iPoker Network, in which you can always find weak fields at all limits.

❓ Does Betsson Poker have a sign-up bonus ?

Betsson Poker gives new players a 100% Bonus up to 2000 EUR.

❓ What rakeback can I get playing on Betsson Poker?

Playing from PokerProDeals can get you up to 45-50% rakeback on Betsson Poker. Contact with us via Skype or Telegram to get more deal details.

Network iPoker
Rakeback 45-50%
Rake 5%
Trackers Support Yes
Cashier Direct
VPN Not needed

Pros and Cons

  • Lots of action at all stakes
  • Reliable partner
  • Comfortable software
  • Good Rakeback
  • so-called True Value Rake (TVR)

How to register in Betsson Poker?

Contact with our affiliate manager, and start grinding now!


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