Natural8 Review

If you want something out of the ordinary, Natural8 Poker can certainly provide. The room is part of the large Asian network GG and probably one of the best skins you can join to play there. GG network and Natural8, in particular, have a great reputation in Asia and it is spreading across the globe.

The network was open to players outside the continent years ago, but was shut at some point. That’s no longer the case, as players from Europe, South America, and other parts of the globe can easily join Natural8 Poker, enjoy the action there, and earn plenty of Natural8 rakeback.

The whole GG network is designed in a very interesting way. It looks much more like a social game for Facebook or other such platforms. At the same time, you can play with real money with the help of an agent which will deposit on your behalf. As a result, Natural8 Poker is the home of plenty of players who are pretty weak.

GG Network positions itself as a network for amateurs, not professional players. The rules of the room are against bum hunting. However, the way Natural8 works since the moment it accepts European players, shows that all the worries about it were vain as there are no bans of players, regular players are wining. The room actively develops.

Traffic Review

The traffic at Natural8 Poker is fantastic and it beats many traditional poker networks. According to most reports and our own observations, there are always at least couple of thousand players online. As you could expect, this means a lot of games and limits are running. It creates tons of opportunities to earn Natural8 rakeback by playing where you are best at. The peak hours are during the nights in Asia, but since there are plenty of European players, you will find the games running almost at any given moment.

The majority of the action happens at the cash tables, so this is where our Natural8 review of the traffic will start. The lowest limit available at GG Network is $10 and all the tables are short-handed, for 6 players. Don’t expect any 9-max options at Natural8 Poker:

  • Micro and low limits: as already mentioned, the lowest level is $10 NL Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. You will find tons of actions at this level, as well as the next one which is $25. Especially when it comes to Hold’em, there are easily about 20-25 tables combined on both levels during peak hours. This number is around 10-15 when it comes to PL Omaha. As a result, you can comfortably table select, play a couple of tables at the same time, and earn tons of Natural8 rakeback even at the low levels in the GG network;
  • Middle limits: the large traffic continues at the middle levels as well. If you want to play around the $50-$200 mark, Natural8 poker can offer a lot of tables for both NL Holdem and PL Omaha. Naturally, the level of the competition rises here, but it’s still worse than the most popular European networks. On top of that, if your plan is to get as much Natural8 rakeback as possible, you can easily do it around the mid-level cash games;
  • High limits: it’s hard to find enough players at the high limits in most online poker rooms nowadays. However, GG network is one of the few exceptions. Our Natural8 review showed there are NL Holdem tables up to $5,000 and PL Omaha up to $800. The games are running regularly during the peak hours, so if you want to play big, you will have the chance to do so.

Cash games are the most popular format at Natural8 Poker, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find other interesting options. For a start, the room is actively promoting its tournament schedule. There was not much interest until recently, but you can now find plenty of guaranteed tournaments with a decent structure. The overall prize pools at Natural8 Poker are more than $500,000 daily. The buy-ins cover both low and higher stakes. We discovered a pretty cool feature during our Natural8 review. You could actually sell some of your action to reduce the variation. Of course, you will have to get some good results first.

Natural8 Poker doesn’t offer SNG tournaments, but there’s a format called Fortune Cookies. It’s a hyper turbo tournament for 3 players. You can win a couple of different cash prizes determined randomly or collect stickers that can be then exchanged for cash.
Finally, there’s a unique All-in or Fold format available. It offers a couple of different levels in Holdem and Omaha. Each hand, you can either go all in or fold with all of your chips. On top of that, there’s a jackpot here too. Natural8 Poker will award it to each player that hits a straight flush in Holdem or Royal Flush in Omaha.

Software and Trackers

Our Natural8 review of the poker client left us with mixed feelings. What we didn’t like is the bunch of animations and effects that can’t be removed or customized. They make Natural8 Poker seem more like a video game than a real-money poker platform. Still, it’s part of the reason so many recreational Asian players are involved in the action.

What we did like is that the Natural8 client is designed in a way that makes it easy to multi-table. You can arrange the separate tables in a couple of different ways. Also, you could use the 4-colored deck, so there are no issues with recognizing the cards.

Some people won’t like the fact that Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager are strictly prohibited by Natural8 Poker. There are no converters currently, so you won’t be able to use additional software. However, there’s a beta feature called Pokerkraft. It allows you to check your Natural8 results. Unfortunately, it still requires some work, but it can give you a decent idea what’s going on.

Natural8 Rake Structure

If you are after a lot of Natural8 rakeback, it’s a good idea to understand how the rake is charged by the room. Here are the different formats:

  • NL Holdem cash games: the rake here is 5% and there is a cap that depends on the level. It’s important to note that all of the rake is attributed to the player/s who lost the hand;
  • Omaha cash games: the percentage charged is 3% which is really low, but there is no cap. Once again, the loser in the hand gets credit for all the rake;
  • Tournaments: the fees in the Natural8 poker tournaments is about 10%. It’s interesting that there are satellites with close to no rake at all;
  • Fortune cookies: the rake is 5% or so across all levels;
  • All-in or fold: there is a fixed raked you pay each hand.

Natural8 Rakeback

According to the new loyalty system Fish Buffet, you are able to get 10% to 100% rakeback. More details are available in the article, or contact us.

Network GG Network
Rakeback Up to 100%
Rake 5%, cap 1-10
Trackers Support No
Cashier via Agent
VPN Not needed
Recreational players from Asian countries
Push or Fold tables
Very weak fields at all the stakes
Cashier via agent, or direct with 4% fe
Poker software is prohibited
No heads-up tables

How to register in Natural8?

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