Red Argentina de Poker Review

Red Argenina de Poker is a South American poker network that was established just recently. Most of the players involved are from Latin America, but the pool also includes customers from Asia. It’s an interesting network because of the social nature of the whole thing. You can’t directly deposit money, you will have to use the services of an agent. You should have in mind that this means you will have to pay a small fee every time you make a deposit.

Traffic Review

Since the majority of the players at Red Argenina de Poker are from Latin America, the peak times are around the evenings in the local time zones. This is around early morning in Europe which is hardly ideal for players from this particular continent.

Another specific thing you should know about Red Argenina de Poker is that there’s barely any traffic when it comes to tournaments and SNGs. Most players are there to play cash games. It’s a good thing, to be honest, as the traffic of Red Argenina de Poker is not that large and being focused on one format is the better option. Here is a quick look at the different cash game limits you will find at and what to expect from them:

  • Micro and low limits: the majority of the action at Red Argenina de Poker is concentrated in the relatively low levels. . You will find about 20 of those in No Limit Holdem at peak hours and some Pot Limit Omaha tables as well at NL . There’s also action in the NL10 and NL40. This provides enough opportunities multi-table against a bunch of weak players at Red Argentina de Poker. Some of the guys there are truly clueless and the overall level is much lower than the traditional poker rooms online;
  • Middle limits: if you want to play juicier games at Red Argenina de Poker, your best bet is NL50. There are usually about 5 tables during the busiest times of the day when it comes to NL Holdem. You will also find a couple of PL Omaha tables, but only during the peak hours. The good news is that the players at Red Argenina de Poker are still pretty weak compared to what you will find in most of the other places;
  • High limits: if you are a high roller and would prefer higher stakes, there’s not much Red Argentina de Poker could offer. There is some action at NL100-NL150 and NL200-250. Almost all of the tables are NL Holdem, but you could find PL Omaha every once in a while during the most populated times at Red Argenina de Poker.

It's important to note that almost all cash games at Red Argenina de Poker are for 6 players. There are some exceptions and you will be able to find tables for 9 players, but don’t count on it too much. However, the overall impression is that the games are super soft. If you are beating similar levels at the top European poker sites, chances are you will crush them at Red Argenina de Poker. There are plenty of players who make huge mistakes. Of course, it would take some time to adjust your playing style, but the opportunity is there for the taking.

Software and Trackers

The poker client of Red Argenina de Poker is a bit different to most of the traditional operators online. It was developed by Connective Games which is a rather experienced company when it comes to solutions for online poker games. In the case of Red Argentina de Poker, the layout is rather simplistic and doesn’t give much room for customizations. That’s not that big of a deal, though, as you will easily see what’s going on. It’s also worth noting that unlike other regionally limited poker sites, you won’t have to use VPN or another way to change your location to play. Users from all over the globe can easily participate in the Red Argenina de Poker games.

There’s also some good news for the fans of Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker. While both programs are not supported by the Red Argenina de Poker client, there’s a way to go around that. There are plenty of hand converters that will help you collect hand histories and use them in your favor. Since most of the players at Red Argenina de Poker don’t use such software, you will have a large advantage over the majority of the players in the room.

Red Argentina de Poker Rake Structure

One of the biggest advantages of Red Argentina De Poker (RAP) is the low rake structure. You will only be charged 5% across all levels which is better than pretty much any traditional online poker room out there. However, the cap at Red Argenina de Poker is slightly higher, so you will be charged more on the bigger pots. Still, most online poker rooms with such a soft field of players charge way higher than 5%.

Red Argentina de Poker Rakeback

Officially, there are no bonuses and promotions, so you can’t get Red Argentina de Poker rakeback. However, there are ways to get some extra value. If you are interested in getting a Red Argenina de Poker deals, please, contact us and we will give you more information about your options. You will be able to receive added rakeback and to participate in rake race.

NetworkRed Argentina de Poker (RAP)
RakebackUp to 30%
Rake5%, cap 3-10
Trackers Supportvia Converter
Cashiervia Agent
VPNNot needed
Players from Latin America
Really weak field almost at all stakes
Cashier via agent
Paid converter to display stats
Low traffic

How to register in Red Argentina de Poker?

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