Top Safe Poker Sites

When choosing a poker room, traffic size, a variety of disciplines and limits, HUD support, field strength, percentage of rake and rakeback are taken into account. However, all these factors will cease to deserve the attention if the room cannot provide its visitors with a high degree of reliability. Players want to be confident in the safety of their funds, constant and uninterrupted access to the site, fair play, the absence of bots, efficient and competent work of the support service. If reliability is the most important characteristic of a poker room for you, we recommend you view the rooms described in this article.


PartyPoker is at the forefront of online poker. This room was opened in 2001. The company had both ups and downs, at the moment PartyPoker has strengthened its position. In terms of cash traffic, this poker room is consistently included in the top five most visited rooms. In June 2019, the direction of PartyPoker development was changed radically. The room has begun to focus on attracting and retaining recreational players. To do this, HUD was banned at all games, and the players’ nicknames were changed, so that no one had statistics on opponents.

Not everyone liked these changes. Strong regulars, who are used to play multitable with trackers, were forced to change the room. As a result, the field strength decreased. In place of these poker players came weaker players. Therefore, now PartyPoker includes a fairly large number of fishes.

Along with the prohibition of HUD, a large-scale and effective work was carried out to fight bots. Bots were actively banned, and money from their accounts was distributed to affected players. This clearly indicates that PartyPoker cares about its users. Bots that previously received statistics from trackers were left without necessary for their work information. Therefore, most bot drivers were forced to stop their fraudulent activities in this room.

PartyPoker will be interesting to regulars who can show a good level of play without using a HUD. This poker room has demonstrated its reliability and high professionalism repeatedly. The support service works quickly, there are no problems with cash-outs, the software doesn’t slow down and doesn’t freeze, the problem is solved with bots – what else do you need for a comfortable and profitable game?! If only it is a raised up to 60% rakeback, which you can expect signing up in the room via the PokerProDeals website.


888Poker is also one of the old-timers of online poker. Formed in 2002, this room throughout the entire time of its existence has established itself only on the positive side. The reliability and safety of the room is evidenced by the presentation of the company’s shares on the London Stock Exchange.

Due to the ever-increasing attendance at 888Poker, the support team wasn’t always able to respond to user requests on time. In recent years, this problem is no longer relevant – support reacts quickly and competently. However, as before, letters written in English are still processed faster. In addition to email letters, you can write in an online chat, or contact customer support by phone.

It is noteworthy that the problem with bots, previously relevant for 888Poker, is now almost completely resolved. Bot accounts are banned, funds are returned. Eights for a long time occupied the second position in terms of cash traffic, second only to the Poker Stars. Now some rooms have overtaken 888Poker by this parameter, but 888 is still in the TOP-5. The main advantage over rooms with higher attendance, for example, PokerStars, is the relatively low level of competition.

888Poker’s soft is very functional and convenient, the client will be intuitive even for new players. If third-party software is prohibited in Party, in Eights you are allowed to use Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker. 888Poker boasts a wide variety of poker types and formats. In addition to Hold’em, you can play Omaha at a full table, a 6-max table, or in heads-up format. Not so long ago, the push-fold format appeared here. There are fast poker and well-developed tournament grid, including SNG tournaments.


iPoker is one of the most reliable and secure poker networks in the world. The company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, which confirms the high status of iPoker. The network was opened back in 1999, its main focus was online casinos and sports betting. Online poker appeared later. Today, many recreational players come from poker tables to casinos and bookmakers.

iPoker includes only carefully tested poker rooms that fully comply with all the requirements of security and reliability of the network. The network has many world-famous brands that don’t allow you to doubt the reliability of the company even for a second. So, one of the rooms, Betfair Poker, is a large bookmaker. The network also includes William Hill, which doesn’t even need additional introduction.

The former Microgaming room, RedStar Poker, moved to iPoker in May 2020. This room is well adapted for Russian-speaking users – popular forms of deposits / cash-outs are supported, a Russian-language support service is working here, the peak of attendance is in the evening Moscow time. Most of all, 6-max tables are collected at the range of limits from NL10 to NL1000. At the same limits you can play pot-limit Omaha. There is fast poker, as well as Hold’em 6+. About 30 tournaments are held daily with guarantees of up to 8.000 euros.

The main advantages of the iPoker poker network are high traffic, company reliability, low rake, weak field, support for poker trackers. Do you want the most favorable conditions for signing up and playing in the iPoker’s rooms? Contact PokerProDeals managers and you will be able to receive increased rakeback – up to 70%.

Best Poker Rooms for Cash Games

Attendance, as well as the conditions of the game in poker rooms, are constantly changing, and players have to adapt to new realities or look for more convenient places to play at cash tables. In this article we will look at the best rooms for cash players as of 2020. When selecting rooms, we evaluated several factors at once: attendance of cash tables, field strength, room reliability, rakeback percentage. Therefore, if you do not see some well-known room in this review, this does not mean that there is insufficient cash traffic in it, it is just not very suitable for cash players because of other factors.


PartyPoker is one of the most profitable poker rooms in terms of cash games. He is consistently included in the 3 most visited poker rooms. According to PokerScout at the time of writing, this cash-only room is second only to PokerStars and GGPoker. PartyPoker has an average daily attendance of 2.000, and at peak times during European evening, the number of connections can reach 4.000.

And if PartyPoker is inferior to the other two rooms in terms of the number of players at the cash tables, then the Party has undoubted advantages in terms of field strength. After the HUD was banned, many regulars, which accustomed to playing with trackers, left the poker room, and fans took their place. Therefore, now, despite the fact that the HUD is not supported, it is quite profitable to play PartyPoker.

Most cash tables in PartyPoker are collected at micro limits (NL2 – NL10). At each of the limits from NL25 to NL200, you can find 10-20 tables. There is also a more expensive game, and the tables NL1000 and NL2000 are assembled even in the daytime. In the evening, you can find tables with maximum rates – NL5000. Pot-limit Omaha is represented by tables with similar limits, but the traffic here is significantly lower.

PartyPoker allows you to play fast poker at four limits – up to NL100. There are anonymous tables, and there is a special format with real names and surnames of the players. In other words, both amateurs and professionals will find a suitable game here.

As for the room commission, the rake at all limits is 5% and is limited by caps from $1 to $3, depending on the limit played. The rakeback here is quite high, and when signing up through the PokerProDeals website you can get even more rakeback – up to 60%.


888Poker is the best poker room for cash players who cannot imagine a game without using a HUD. Although the G8 traffic is inferior to PartyPoker and the GG Network, this room has many advantages, thanks to which it is very beneficial for cash players to play here. According to PokerScout statistics, the average daily traffic of this room is 1.300 people with a peak of 2.300 players in the evening.

888Poker has always been distinguished by a relatively weak field, and in 2020, nothing has changed in this regard. Thanks to the use of poker tracks, which are not prohibited here, you can get an even greater advantage over the field, increasing your profit. Mining is also available for the G8 players, which allows you to get statistics on opponents you have not played with.

The poker room offers a wide range of disciplines, formats and limits for cash tables. The most popular are short tables, which are represented by limits up to NK5K. Pot-limit Omaha is quite popular, according to the rules of which cache tables are collected with a purchase of up to $ 1,000. 888Poker allows you to play in the Push Fold format, in which the player has only two available actions – all-in or fold. There is also a fast poker here.


Chico Poker Network is a relatively young poker network, but it has already entered the top 10 most visited traffic networks in terms of cash. At the time of writing, the average daily attendance of Chico was 700 people with peak bursts of up to 1.200 connections. Network traffic is increasing from year to year, mainly due to the registration of new recreational players from the USA and Canada, which is good news for regulars. Indeed, the Chico field is very weak, with fishes found not only at low, but also at medium and even highest limits.

The rooms of this network are characterized by a non-standard table format for European players – 4-max and 9-max, for which you will have to adapt. Peak traffic falls in the evening American time, or in the morning in Europe. However, it is noteworthy that during the day and evening European time is also quite a lot of game.

The flagship room of the Chico network is TigerGaming, which also attracts sports betting lovers, and the bookmaker is an additional source of recreational players. With a relatively high room rake (5.5%), our players can receive increased rakeback – up to 60%.


Another American room, PokerKing, is part of the Winning Poker Network. Currently, Poker King is the largest poker room, in which American and European poker players can play together. The room is great for players from the CIS countries, as the entire site has been translated into Russian, and a Russian-language support service is operating there.

PokerKing attracts regulars by the fact that with an active game you can get a very good rakeback here. This room is also interesting to regulars due to its weak field. There a lot of fishes at the cash tables with limits to NL25. Third-party software for collecting statistics is supported, which allows experienced players to have an even greater advantage over the field and make big profits.

The only drawback of PokerKing is its inconvenient peak traffic for Europeans, which falls between 2.00 and 8.00 Moscow time. It was at this time that the number of visitors to the room could reach 6.000, and at the tables the most weak American players are gathered. The game here is played over the entire range of limits, up to the NL5000 and PLO5000. There are heads-up tables, mostly at 100-200 limits. One of the most important advantages of the Winning Poker Network poker room is its large rakeback, which can reach 70%. 

Italian poker reservation is perfect for cash players of any limits. To register in this room with a very weak field, use the services of the site PokerProDeals. You can experience all the advantages of the game in the most convenient and advanced poker application against weak Italian poker players. Currently, is one of the 10 most visited poker rooms in the world with an average daily traffic of 800 people and maximum attendance of 1750 players. Undoubtedly, peak traffic is in the evening in Europe, which is also very convenient for regulars from the CIS countries. is especially popular with short tables with limits up to NL1000. PLO is also quite developed – it collects 5-10 tables per limit PLO50, and 1-2 tables per limit PLO1000. In heads-up, approximately 10 cash tables are played at each of the limits from NL100 to NL600.

In addition to a weak field and good attendance, also attracts support for poker trackers. The rake at all cash tables is 5.5% with caps up to 3 euros. To find out the maximum possible rakeback that you can get in this room, contact our managers.

Another Italian poker reservation,, is characterized by low competition and fairly high attendance – it occupies the third place in terms of traffic in Italy. In the world, this reservation is in the top 20, and according to PokerScout, the average daily attendance of cash tables is 400 people. At peak times, which also occur in the evening in Europe, traffic more than doubles.

Short tables are the most popular here, 9-max tables are played mainly at micro limits. Most of the games are at low and medium limits, however, at limits up to NL1000 2-3 tables are collected regularly. In, just like Hold’em, pot-limit Omaha is common. The poker room supports trackers without converters. For information on the maximum rakeback available, contact our managers.


PPPoker is not a completely standard poker room, but a mobile application that is used by many recreational players from Asia and America. The game in this application is played through closed clubs. PokerProDeals managers will help you find the club that best suits your needs.

Regardless of the club, the game at cash tables in the range of limits from NL50 to NL2K is at any time. In addition to Hold’em, here you can play pot-limit Omaha and Chinese poker (OFC Pineapple). The application can be installed not only on a mobile phone, but also on a computer from which you can use statistics collection programs using a converter.

The rake at the cash tables, depending on the limit and the club, can vary within 2-5%, which is the lowest indicator among the considered poker rooms. Our players can receive increased rakeback up to 40%.

Poker Rooms With Anonymous Tables

The MPN poker network first proposed to play anonymous tables in 2011. Later, a similar format appeared in many other large networks and poker rooms. At anonymous tables, nicknames of all players are hidden, which imposes some advantages and disadvantages. The main drawback is that you cannot use the HUD and previously made notes for specific opponents. The main advantage is that you will become an absolutely new character for opponents, about which nothing is known.

Advantages and disadvantages of anonymous tables

If you play against the strongest opponent, then the lack of statistics on you will be a significant advantage. However, you will experience some difficulties if you are used to playing only with poker trackers, which at anonymous tables will become completely useless. To obtain information on rivals, you need to monitor their actions only in the current session. Therefore, here memory and attentiveness come first, not technical knowledge.

The disadvantages of playing at anonymous tables include the fact that it’s hard to find dishonest game behind them. The fact is that to recognize bots and teamplay you need statistics for a long period of time, the collection of which is possible only when using Hold’em Manager or Poker Tracker. These tools at anonymous tables are useless, which means that dishonest players can use this flaw for their own selfish purposes. It is worth hoping only for the effective operation of the security service.

For regulars, playing at anonymous tables has the following advantages:

1) Stronger players will not be able to use our faces.

2) This format attracts a large number of recreational players, which leads to a weakening field.

3) Bumhunters will not be able to select fishes.

On the other hand, regulars for the same reasons will not be able to fully analyze their own game. It also becomes more difficult to identify and exploit the faces of rivals. The most important drawback for multitables is that playing at multiple tables at the same time will not be as effective as using HUD.

As for recreational players, the format of anonymous tables suits them on all points. If at regular tables they were exploited by regulars with the use of poker trackers, at anonymous tables they would lose this advantage. Of course, due to the best game, regulars will still have an advantage, but now it will not be so pronounced. Therefore, amateurs linger at anonymous tables for much longer than at cash tables that support statistics collection.

PartyPoker – the best room for playing at anonymous tables

PartyPoker poker room was one of the first to offer anonymous tables. At first, the game in the room was conducted only in heads-up format. The nicknames of the players changed to Player 1 and Player 2, avatars were hidden, the VIP status was unknown. This format was not very popular – tables were assembled very slowly. Anonymous tables were not welcomed by amateurs especially, who, one on one due to lack of skills, still were losing to regulars.

Later, 9-max tables of an anonymous format joined the heads-up in the range of limits from NL2 to NL100. HU tables have become even less popular with amateurs who switched to full tables.

In May 2020, significant changes occurred in the PartyPoker room. If earlier only anonymous tables were attractive for chips, now the whole room has become anonymous. The fact is that PartyPoker has banned the use of third-party software, and all players have changed their nicknames. As a result, all tables became conditionally anonymous, because the statistics collected earlier and the notes made became completely useless.

However, at this moment PartyPoker has launched a new format of the game: Real Name, where under the avatars of the players their real name and surname are indicated, and not a nickname invented. Therefore, in this format, regulars can know who they are playing against and use the collected data on opponents. After all, only nicknames have changed, and the real surname and name of the players have remained the same. Thus, despite the fact that the PartyPoker development vector has changed in the direction of recreational players, regulars also have their advantages in this room.

One of the most important advantages of Party is high traffic and low level of competition. After the HUD ban, many regulars left this room, so amateur players took their place. The game here is played in a wide range of limits – from NL2 to NL5000, and even at the largest rates quite a lot of tables are collected. There is fast poker, multi-table tournaments with buy-ins up to $ 2.600 and SNG tournaments, including lottery SnGs.

The size of the rake at the cash tables, including anonymous ones, is standard – 5% and is limited by a cap of $ 1 – $3. Contact PokerProDeals managers for the most favorable conditions for signing up and playing at PartyPoker. Our players will be able to receive increased rakeback, up to 60%.

How To Choose Good Poker Affiliate

Affiliate is a person or organization that attracts visitors to the poker room site. For each player who has made a deposit, or fulfilled another stipulated condition, this intermediary receives a reward. The player himself, who went to the room using an affiliate link, also has certain advantages. So, he can receive increased rakeback, profitable bonuses, participate in special tournaments and cash races.

It is most beneficial to sign up in a poker room with the help of a large affiliate, which can offer the most bonuses and benefits. Well-known affiliate sites, including PokerProDeals, provide information, technical and financial support to their players. We recommend that you use the services of only reliable affiliates if you want to be guaranteed to receive all the promised benefits. Young sites periodically appear on the Internet that offer the highest rakeback, unrealistically profitable promotions and bonuses. In most cases, such affiliates do not fulfill their promises, quickly disappear, and the player continues to play in the room without any privileges.

Affiliate Features

Poker affiliates cooperate with many poker rooms on mutually beneficial conditions. The rooms receive an influx of visitors, which means they increase their profits. They are ready to share with the affiliate part of this profit in the form of a one-time fee, or a lifetime deduction of interest from rake. Different poker rooms offer different settlement schemes.

There are a lot of ways to attract players to the rooms – starting from the email distribution and ending with the placement of affiliate links on poker forums. However, the most popular and effective way is using specialized sites. Visited sites with a history, a large amount of content, employee contacts and reviews inspire confidence. Therefore, poker fans often resort to the services of such sites.

Some novice players mistakenly believe, that by signing up using an affiliate link in the room, they will lose some of the money, because affiliate picks up rakeback percentage. However, everything happens exactly the opposite – the player will receive only additional benefits. And the affiliate’s profit is not received from the player, but by reducing the income of the poker room.

Poker affiliates usually work according to one of the following schemes: receiving payment under the CPA system (for performing an action), or monthly payments as a percentage of the rake. The second option will be more profitable in the long run, because the affiliate will be able to receive a commission for the entire time that the involved player plays in the poker room. Affiliate revenue is hard to predict. Indeed, dozens of fishes visiting the room only on weekends will bring much less profit to the affiliate than the regular high-roller, which generates a huge rake every month.

For attracting a player under the CPA system, the affiliate receives a one-time payment. Its size depends on many factors such as the poker room, the place of residence of the poker player, affiliate network, etc. For example, payments for players from the CIS will be lower than for the players from Western Europe, where incomes are much higher, which means more deposits are expected and more often.

What factors to consider when choosing an affiliate

First of all, you should pay attention to the reputation of an affiliate – if he is famous and has not been implicated in major scandals, then you can use his services. Large affiliates value their reputation, so they try to resolve any contentious issues even to the detriment of their interests so as not to lose their high status in the eyes of potential customers.

Get the feedback from experienced players who have been using affiliate services for a long time. Such reviews can be found on specialized sites and poker forums. Undoubtedly, you should not trust the reviews posted on the site of the affiliate itself – with a high degree of probability they will be ordered. Perhaps, you have acquaintances or friends who are already playing in the poker room, take a feedback from them, what affiliate services they have resorted to, and whether they are satisfied with the terms of cooperation or not.

The presence of relevant content on the site. PokerProDeals regularly publishes online poker news. Thanks to these news, our players can regularly be informed about room updates, profitable promotions and bonuses, as well as various changes. In addition, on the site you can study in detail each poker room and understand how profitable it is to play.

The percentage of rakeback is perhaps the most important criterion when choosing an affiliate and a poker room. The greater the share of money back from rake, the more profitable the game becomes. Players who use our services can expect to receive up to 70% rakeback, depending on the poker room chosen. For more accurate percentage and rakeback conditions contact our managers.

The ability to access poker reservations and private clubs is another advantage of working with affiliates. PokerProDeals allows you to register in the rooms with the weakest opponents. These are Asian, American, European recreational players who live in reservations and clubs. The player himself cannot sign up there, but with the help of our agent you will get an access to the weakest poker fields.

Contact PokerProDeals managers for more information on all the benefits you can expect by working with us.

Poker Rooms With The Most Fish Players 2020

In order to improve your poker skills, you need to choose the strongest opponents. This principle applies to any competition, and poker was no exception. Indeed, while playing against a more experienced opponent, you will be able to learn various techniques and you will also be motivated to improve your game. However, gaining experience in this way can hit your bankroll hard. Indeed, the game against the strongest opponent involves more frequent losses than wins. Therefore, not many players choose this path to improve their skill.

For the most part, poker players are looking for rooms in which weaker opponents are gathered. And although playing against them will not be so fruitful in terms of improving skills, it will certainly be more profitable in terms of income. Therefore, if your initial goal is to earn money, then you need to look for rooms with fishes.

Which rooms have the most fishes?

When searching for a poker room, players consider many factors: company reliability, attendance, software usability, rakeback size, bonuses and promotions, a variety of disciplines and limits, etc. For each player, these criteria are of different importance. For example, for a grinder who plays 10-15 tables simultaneously, high attendance at certain limits and the support of the poker tracker room are important. Beginners are attracted by bonuses and promotions. However, all categories of poker players are interested in playing against the weakest opponents. Therefore, field strength is a key factor when choosing a poker room.

So, in what rooms is the weakest opposition? A lot of fishes are gathered in Asian networks, because poker there has just recently began to develop globally. Therefore, Asian players are not yet experienced enough. In addition, Chinese poker rooms are often visited by recreational players who play poker for entertainment. American networks also boast a relatively weak field. Wealthier US residents can afford to lose significant amounts of games. There are also many fans who consider poker the same gamble as roulette or black jack.

Recently, many networks and rooms has begun to focus on recreational players. To do this, a number of changes were made: HUD is prohibited, anonymous tables are introduced, the rake distribution system is changed. Because of this, regulars are leaving poker rooms, as a result of which the field strength is reducing. This article provides an overview of several similar sites that don’t support HUD but are still of interest due to weak opposition.

Some poker rooms combine several gaming areas: poker, sports betting, online casinos. These rooms also boast a weak field – a lot of fishes go from poker rooms to casinos and bookmakers. Closed poker reservations in certain countries are also of interest to poker earners. PokerProDeals managers will provide access to such reservations, as well as to private clubs, where you will find a large number of weak opponents.

Below is a brief overview of the networks and poker rooms with the weakest fields.

The best poker rooms with fishes

PartyPoker is one of the most popular European poker rooms with a fairly weak field and many other advantages. The outflow of regulars from this room began in June 2019, when the use of third-party software was prohibited. At the moment, attendance at the cash tables of this room reaches 2.500 people, many of whom are amateurs.

The game at PartyPoker can be found at any limits (from NL2 to NL5000), and peak attendance occurs in the evening Moscow time. About the same range of limits, Omaha tables are collected. There is fast poker represented by 4 limits, SNG and MTT tournaments, as well as lottery SNG. With a standard rake of 5%, charged according to the Weight-contributed system, our players will be able to receive rakeback in the amount of up to 60%. The main advantages of PartyPoker are a weak field, high traffic, low rake and good rakeback.

PokerKing is the poker room of the American WPN network, which means that there are many recreational players from the USA in this room. This is the only network room that is adapted for a Russian-speaking audience, so it is perfect for players from the CIS countries. The attendance of the room is very high – up to 6.000 connections. However, peak traffic occurs in the late night and morning Moscow time. But even at other times, you can find quite a lot of games in the entire range of limits. 15-20 tables are regularly collected at each of the limits from NL50 to NL600. Up to 10 tables can be found at peak times at NL1000 limits.

Another advantage of PokerKing for regulars is the support of poker trackers, thanks to which it is convenient to multi-table. A large rakeback size (for our players up to 70%) will make grinding even more profitable.

GGNetwork is a young, Asian poker network that is rapidly gaining its popularity not only in Asia, but also around the world. GGPoker is the most comfortable room for English-speaking poker players. GGPoker, like other network rooms, boasts a low level of opposition, mainly consisting of Asian fans. The maximum attendance in the early evening Moscow time reaches 10.000 connections. You can play here at the cash tables with the rules of No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha with purchases from $ 10 to $ 1000, although there are more expensive tables as well. GG Network is perfect for fans of Omaha, as this discipline is practically not inferior to Hold’em in popularity here.

In the network’s rooms there is a push-fold table format with limits from NL25 to NL1000. Fast poker is represented by four limits – up to NL100. Multi-table tournaments in the GG Network are also held here with good guarantees. There are no SnG tournaments and heads-up cash games. The work of third-party software is not supported, which attracts even more recreational players to the network rooms. The size of the rakeback for our players may exceed 50%.


Most of the online players from Italy are amateurs who play poker for fun, not for profit. That is why Italian poker reservations are interesting for many regulars. is one of such reservations, which has all the advantages of the international brand PokerStars and at the same time is devoid of the main drawback (strong field). Maximum traffic is observed in the evening in Europe and on weekends, which is very convenient for players from the CIS countries. Third-party software is supported here. Rakeback is small, but a weak field completely eliminates this drawback.

Another Italian reservation is This room is characterized by a wide variety of disciplines and formats of poker, weak opposition and convenient software. Most players are gathered at 6-max and 9-max cash tables at the limits of NL20, NL50, PLO25, PLO50. There are regular MTT tournaments with guarantees of up to 5.000 euros. The room has a fairly small rake, which at some tables can be as little as 2.5%. In both Italian reservations you can sign up with the help of our agent.

Spartan Poker is also a reservation, but not Italian – Indian. Most Indian players are very weak. At the peak time, which falls on an early evening in Moscow, about 500 people visit the room, so there is not much traffic. However, this drawback is fully compensated by the weak field at all limits. Cash tables here are collected with purchases of up to $ 700 (converted from rupees), and in equal proportions, both with the rules of Hold’em and Omaha. HUD can be accessed using the converter. The standard rake size is 5% and is limited to 12-15 BB depending on the limit.

Players from Israel are considered of the weakest players, so the Gold Poker Pro reservation will be especially interesting for regulars. Peak attendance occurs in the evening in Moscow, but there are practically no games on weekends due to religious characteristics. Low traffic – about 150-200 people. The range of playing limits is from NL1 to NL1000. At all limits, about 10 tables are collected. As many tables are played in heads-up format. The rake is low – 4%. Check the rakeback size with PokerProDeals managers.

Mobile applications

Mobile poker applications are another gathering place for recreational players. Such applications are very popular among players from countries in Asia and America. A distinctive feature of these rooms is that they play in private clubs. However, with the help of our agents you can sign up in any of the presented applications and get an access to play against weak opponents.

PokerBros poker room has gained its high popularity among players from the USA, Canada and Latin America. Here you can play in the range of limits from $ 25 to $ 1000, both with the rules of Hold’em and Omaha. Also, tables of Chinese poker OFC with a very low rake (3%) are gathered in this app. For other disciplines, rake is standard – 5%. To collect statistics, third-party software is allowed to use.

Another mobile poker application is PPPoker with many recreational players from the US and Asia. In some closed clubs, the maximum limit reaches NL6000, and there is a game in the range of NL50 – NL2000 in almost any club. In addition to Omaha and Hold’em, OFC tables are gathered here. In the room you can use poker trackers using the converter. The size of the rake is 3%-5%, depending on discipline and limit played.

Upoker is a worldwide popular poker application, mostly dominated by Asian recreational players. In almost all private clubs you can find tables with purchases from $ 200 to $ 1000, both for Hold’em and Omaha. There are also tables with the rules of Hold’em 6+ and Chinese poker. Third-party trackers are not supported here, however, there are own stats – VPIP, the number of distributions. You can make notes, mark players with color. The size of the rake doesn’t exceed 5%.

To get the most favorable conditions for registration and playing in the reviewed rooms, networks and reservations, contact PokerProDeals managers.