PartyPoker will soon prohibit HUD. Best alternative rooms

Over the past years, PartyPoker has been trying to become the leading online poker room. PartyPoker conducted lots of promotions to attract new players, but the room did not forget about the regulars. The loyalty program works for more than two years and allows you to receive a direct 20-40% rakeback from the room.

In February 2019, PartyPoker added a new VIP status called Diamond Club Elite, which allows you to receive a 60% rakeback. Thanks to this, many regulars began to seriously think about making PartyPoker the main room for grind.

But in the beginning of March, the first rumors about the upcoming ban on HUDs at PartyPoker appeared in the community. Very soon, these rumors received official confirmation.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a regular who does not use a HUD, so the upcoming ban on such programs will hit mostly professional players. Who knows, perhaps this is not the last unfriendly step on the part of the room in relation to the regulars.

In case you can’t imagine your daily grind without a HUD, we are glad to announce that there are still lots of rooms that don’t limit its use, and also offer excellent rakeback deals and softer fields. Today we want to tell you about the most promising of these rooms.


This room is part of a relatively young network WPN (opened in 2012), which accepts American players. The main advantages are softer fields, good traffic and great rakeback conditions.


The peak hours occur in the evening in North America. The number of connections is close to 1 500.At mid-stakes (NL100-NL600) you can find more than 10 short-handed tables. At mid-stakes of PLO (PLO100-PLO400) there are usually about 3 tables at each limit. PokerKing has good HU-traffic but the maximum limit of NL200.

The room has a pretty decent MTT schedule, which includes tournaments for every taste and buy-in.


At cash tables the rake is 5%. There are caps depending on the number of players at the table.

Limit Cap (2 players), $ Cap (3 players), $ Cap (4 players), $ Cap (5+ players), $
up to NL200 0.5 1 2 3
NL400-NL800 1 1.5 2 3
NL1000+ 1.25 1.75 2.25 3

In MTT the rake is 10% (except for the most expensive MTT, where the rake is 6%). Rebuys and add-ons are not subject to rake.

In Jackpot SNG the rake is 6%.

Bonuses and Rakeback

The room offers a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $777.After the first deposit you can also get a free cash gift of up to $50. To get it – you need to contact the support via live chat on the site.The first deposit bonus is paid in chunks of $2 for every $20 of rake (basically, it provides a 10% rakeback).

The room has a VIP system called PokerKing Royal Club, which consists of 5 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, King). The highest status (King) provides a 40% cashback. To obtain it, you need to pay a little more than $3 000 of rake per month, and to maintain it you need to pay a little more than $1 500 of rake every month.

PokerKing has a weekly leaderboard called King’s Treasured, participation in which gives you about a 20-30% rakeback.

If you play at PokerKing with the PokerProDeals affiliate program, your rakeback can reach 70%.


This is a popular mobile poker app with clubs from different regions: Europe, Asia, Russia and the CIS countries, South and North America, etc. Currently, PPPoker is showing one of the highest growth rates in the market.


Thanks to the presence of clubs from different regions, at PPPoker you can find action at any time of the day. For example, for clubs from America, the peak hours occur at 4-6AM in Moscow, and for clubs from India – at 6-8PM in Moscow. Almost every club has a regular action in NLHE, PLO and OFC. Many clubs have HU tables.


The rake at PPPoker is only 2-5% with caps from 0.5bb to 3bb depending on the rules of the club.


At PPPoker you can get a fixed rakeback. The exact size depends on the club. PokerProDeals can offer you a fixed rakeback up to 40%. For details – contact our managers.


iPoker is one of the most famous poker networks. It includes many skins that share a common pool.


In terms of traffic, the iPoker network is always in the top 10 networks and rooms. The peak hours occur in the evening in Europe and during weekends. Most of the action is focused at 6-max tables. At micro-stakes (up to NL10) you can find up to 25 tables of each limit. At low-stakes (NL25-NL100) there are usually 10-15 tables per limit. At higher stakes (up to NL1000) you can find up to 10 tables in total.

The MTT schedule includes lots of rebuys with a fast structure. There are almost no freezeouts.

SNG traffic is concentrated in the lottery Twister.


Within the iPoker network the rake is calculated using the Source Based Rake (SBR) system. At cash-tables the rake varies from 5 to 6.67% with caps up to €4.

In MTT the rake is 10% (also taken from rebuys and add-ons).

In the lottery Twister the rake is 7%.

Bonuses and Rakeback

PokerProDeals offers deals in the following rooms of the iPoker network – Betfair Poker, Coral Poker, Winner PokerFor details – contact our managers. is an Italian reservation of 888poker, one of the most reliable and well-known poker rooms. There are minor inconveniences, such as the need to use VPNs and access to the cashier via agent, but there is also a huge benefit – weaker fields.


Like all reservations, does not have high traffic, but the average skill level of local players is pretty low. This is exactly what attracts the regulars. The peak hours happen in the evening in Italy. Almost all traffic is focused at stakes up to NL100. At micro-stakes (NL10, NL20, NL50) and low-stakes (NL100) you can usually find about 5 tables of each limit.

PLO is played mainly at PLO25 and PLO50.

The MTT schedule mostly consists of tournaments with buy-ins of up to €22. On weekends there are tournaments with buy-ins of up to €109.

SNG traffic can be found in the local variety of spins called Blast Poker, which runs in a 4-max format. At the start of each SNG a timer is started, after which everyone goes all-in.


At the rake varies from 2.5 to 5.5% with caps depending on the number of players at the table.

Bonuses and Rakeback

The room offers a first deposit bonus of 100% up to 1 500.

PokerProDeals offers its players super-sweet conditions for playing at For further information – feel free to contact our managers.

This is the Italian reservation of the popular iPoker network.

The network is a typical reservation. The bottom line is that people come here for weaker fields.


During the peak hours (evening in Europe), the number of connections exceeds 1 500. Almost all of the action is focused at 6-max tables. At micro-stakes (up to NL10) there are usually up to 20 tables at each limit. At low-stakes (NL20-NL100) – 10 tables per limit. At mid and high-stakes (up to NL1000) – up to 3 tables of each limit.

PLO mostly played at limits up to PLO200. There are usually up to 5 tables per limit.

The MTT schedule is represented mainly by tournaments with buy-ins of up to €10.

SNG traffic is concentrated in lottery Twister at limits up to €50.


In cash-games the rake varies from 5.5 to 6.67% with caps up to €3.5.

In all MTT the rake is 10%.

In Twister SNG the rake is 7% at all stakes.

Bonuses and Rakeback

Different rooms has different rakeback conditions. For further information – feel free to contact our managers


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