Best PPPoker Clubs with access via

Best PPPoker Clubs with access via

Mobile poker apps for playing with Chinese fish players first appeared several years ago and became very popular amongst European regulars. In traditional poker rooms the fields become stronger every month, while in mobile poker apps you basically don’t need to worry about table selection. Due to the low level of opposition in mobile poker apps, many regulars start to play at stakes higher than usual. For example, a solid NL25 regular from PokerStars might be a winning player at NL100 or even at NL200 in mobile poker apps.

But even amongst dozens of mobile poker apps there is one player that develops faster than others and offers the best conditions. We mean PPPoker. We have already written about it, for example. Today, we want to remind you about main benefits of PPPoker and talk about PPPoker clubs, in which PokerProDeals provides access to.

Main benefits of PPPoker:

– Weaker fields at low and mid-stakes;

– Lots of action in NLHE, PLO and OFC;

– HU-tables in NLHE and PLO;

– Reasonable rake;

– Fixed rakeback;

– PC version of the client.

What are PPPoker unions and what are their benefits?

PPPoker unions are voluntary associations of several clubs with their own rules. If a club violates the rules of the union or cheats on its players – it will be excluded from the union, and the players will go to other clubs. In addition to the general rules of work, PPPoker unions usually have a unified strategy to combat all kinds of unfair play (poker bots, teamplay, etc.), which significantly increases the player’s trust in them.

PPPoker clubs and unions in which PokerProDeals provides access to:

In addition to traditional Chinese clubs, PokerProDeals offers access to clubs and unions from various countries and parts of the world: USA, India, Russia, Brazil and Australia. All clubs are pre-tested for fairness of the game and the level of opposition, and only then they get into the list of clubs in which PokerProDeals provides access to.

At all PPPoker clubs the game runs for chips that can be exchanged for real money. For convenience, we will write all stakes in well-known USD.

Clubs from the USA:

Club nameClub IDUnionGames AvailableFeatures
Sunshine753023SunshineNLHE and OFC – from low to mid stakes

PLO – from low to high stakes

At stakes up to10/20 the game is regular.

On Wednesdays and Sundays there is also action at PLO 10/20

50/50Club774965independentPLO and 5-card PLOMinimum VPIP – 55%.

At stakes up to 2/4 the game is regular.

On Tuesdays there is also action at 5/10

Pump N Dump1101669independentHU in NLHE and PLO.

PLO and OFC – high stakes



Clubs from India:

Club nameClub IDUnionGames AvailableFeatures
Mumbai Omaha295192IPFPLO/OFC – form mid to high stakes
Pokernchill 2.0812001JPCPLO/OFC – from low to mid stakes
Manala Cream985185independentPLO/OFC – from low to mid stakesMinimum VPIP – 45%
Check-Raise351453independentNLHE/PLO/OFC – from low to mid stakes

Clubs from Russia:

Club nameClub IDUnionGames AvailableFeatures
Black Union741140independentNL/PLO/OFC – from low to mid stakes


Clubs from Australia:

Club nameClub IDUnionGames AvailableFeatures
Fish4u614009PPPFish UnionNL/PLO/OFC – from low to mid stakes


Clubs from Thailand:

Club nameClub IDUnionGames AvailableFeatures
HUGO ASIA764854pppoker ThailandNL/PLO/OFC – from low to mid stakes

Most clubs offer great action at low (up to NL100) and mid (up to NL600) stakes in NLHE, PLO and OFC. High-stakes and HU are available in several clubs. Worth noting, that in some clubs there are requirements for the minimum VPIP – usually around 50%.

It may seem strange, but such rules are designed to make the game more dynamic, because amateurs are unlikely to want to sit at the tables with a bunch of neats waiting for the nut hands.

Due to the presence of clubs from various countries (and time zones) you don’t have to adjust your daily schedule to the peak hours, because the action can be found at any time of the day.

In general, we can say that PPPoker is an excellent choice for players up to NL600, who are tired of fighting strong regulars and want to find weaker fields.

Software and Trackers

Unlike most mobile poker apps, PPPoker has versions both for PCs and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Russian and English languages are supported. In the client you can see only VPIP of the villains. Trackers are supported via converter. In most clubs VPN is not required.

Rake and rakeback

The rake varies from 2 to 5% with caps up to 5bb depending on the club or union. These are quite low rates even for traditional poker rooms, not to mention mobile poker apps, where the rake is usually much higher.

If you play at PPPoker with the PokerProDeals affiliate program your rakeback can be as high as 40%.


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