Breakout Poker Review

Breakout Poker is part of the portfolio of gambling products of Breakout Playa Limitada. The company entered the industry in 2017 and offers betting, eSports, and casino games as well.

The poker room initially shared the player pool with VBet Poker. As of the end of 2017, it became part of the Good Game or GG poker network. The platform is full of Asian recreational players which is one of the main reasons Breakout Poker decided to move there. Another benefit for the customers is the opportunity to earn Breakout Poker rakeback at a solid rake.

It’s curious that the operator has its own cryptocurrency called BRK. Another interesting fact is that Breakout Poker has its own pro team that includes popular names such as Todd Branson. Johnny Chen, and Vladimir Shchemelev. It’s a testimony to the operator’s credibility.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to check our Breakout Poker review that contains the most important facts about the online poker room.

Traffic Review

A quick look at Pokerscout shows that Breakout Poker’s GG network is ranked 6th when it comes to traffic. As you could assume, this means there’s a ton of action. Our Breakout Poker review showed an interesting phenomenon, as there are two peaks in the traffic.

The first one is related to Asia. The origin of the network and the large pool of local players are the reasons you will find plenty of action in morning/noon European hours. This is a good time to play at Breakout Poker because the level of the competition is not very good. There are plenty of recreational players and enough tables to earn Breakout Poker rakeback.

The second peak when it comes to active players is during the European evenings. A lot of players from this continent joined the GG network in the past year or two, so this is only natural. On the negative side, the opponents during this second Breakout Poker peak are tougher and you will have a harder time finding fish.

Still, our Breakout Poker review convinced us that the overall pool is softer compared to many traditional networks. Let’s start the traffic breakdown with the cash tables. You can pick between No Limit Hold’em and Omaha. All of the tables are in the 6-max format and here’s more info about the different stakes:

  • Micro and low limits: the limits at Breakout Poker start at $10 NLH and PLO. There’s plenty of action in both, similarly to the next level which is $25. You can often find 10-15 tables on each and even more during the peak hours;
  • Middle limits: if you go a bit higher, Breakout Poker offers the likes of $50, $100, and $200. The action at the NLH tables often includes 5-10 tables. The situation is a bit different if you want to play PLO. The main traffic is during the peak periods, when you can pick between 5 tables per limit or so. It’s worth noting that you can earn a lot of Breakout Poker rakeback if you stick to the middle limits;
  • High limits: finally, you could also play $400, $1k, and even the Breakout Poker Super High Stakes $25-$50 tables with unlimited buy-ins. The games run at almost any given moment and especially during the Asian or European evenings.

Our Breakout Poker review also included a couple of other exciting formats. For example, the Fortune Spins. They are hyper-turbo SNG tournaments with a buy-in between $1 and $15. The prize pool is random and you could either collect symbols for a prize or fight for a 4x or a 10x jackpot.

Next in line is the Breakout Poker All-in or Fold section. This format is hard to find anywhere else. As the name, suggest you have only two options in each hand – to push or to fold. You can play either Omaha or Hold’em. There are a couple of levels, a jackpot, and the opportunity to earn plenty of Breakout Poker rakeback if you go for the All-in or Fold option. Another thing you should know is that the Texas Hold’em hands start preflop, while the action is on the flop in Omaha.

The last format we explored during the Breakout Poker review were the multi-table tournaments of the online poker room. There is a decent number of guaranteed MTTs with various buy-ins. It’s interesting that you can actually buy or sell action. Also, Breakout Poker offers both Texas Hold’em and Omaha events.

Software and Trackers

The software of Breakout Poker is pretty smooth and allows you to easily multi-table on PC. You can customize various options, such as the deck and other stuff that makes comfortable if you intend to grind for Breakout Poker rakeback.

As many other Asian rooms, Breakout Poker is also available on mobile. You can run the games on both iOS and Android, if you want to.

Finally, it’s strictly forbidden to use any external software, including the likes of Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. If you try to do it and get caught, you will lose your Breakout Poker account. We strongly recommend you to resist the temptation, because the management of the GG Network is trying to protect the fish in any way possible.

Breakout Poker Rake Structure

Since the rake at GG network is a bit unusual, it’s essential to know how things work to get as much Breakout Poker rakeback as possible:

  • NL Holdem cash games: GG network charges 5% of each pot. There’s a cap that slowly increases on the higher levels. To give its weaker players a longer runway, Breakout Poker actually attributes the rake to the player who lost the hand;
  • Omaha cash games: at a first glance, the rake in Omaha is exceptional, as it’s only 3%. Still, there is no cap which balances things out. Once again, the losing player gets the rake from the hand;
  • Tournaments: the tournament fees are around the standard for the industry 10% mark at Breakout Poker;
  • Fortune cookies: the rake here is about 5-6% depending on the level you play;
  • All-in or fold: you pay a fixed fee each hand. Half of it goes to the jackpot pool, the other half counts as rake and is considered when the Breakout Poker rakeback is distributed.

Breakout Poker Rakeback

According to the new loyalty system Fish Buffet, you are able to get 10% to 100% rakeback. More details are available in the article, or contact us.

NetworkGG Network
RakebackUp to 100%
Rake5%, cap 1-10
Trackers SupportNo
VPNNot needed
Recreational players from Asian countries
Very weak fields at all the stakes
Direct cashier
Rake Races
Poker software is prohibited
No heads-up tables

How to register in Breakout Poker?

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