Best poker rooms for play at night

Every poker player tries to adjust his grinding-hours in order to get the most action possible.

Traditionally, for most poker players it means playing during evening-hours (European time), when the amoung of available tables reaches its maximum.

But for some people this time is not considered as a convenient one. Nevertheless, they still can find poker-rooms where peak-hours are shifted towards midnight. In this article we want to share our knowledge about three of such poker rooms and we will show you how the amount of cash tables changes from midnight towards 4AM CET time (we have takes three different time stamps: 10-00PM, 1-00AM, 4-00AM).


This is the biggest and the most famous poker-room where you can run into american players. PokerKing attracts players with a decently good rakeback-deals (up to 40%) and additional payments with a regular Kings Treasures race, which can bring up to 30% more rakeback.

At low-limts from NL10 to NL50 we haven’t noticed any kind of considerable spreading in the number of 6-max tables regarding three different time stamps:

  • NL10 – 12, 7, 11 tables;
  • NL25 – 12, 12, 12(1) tables;
  • NL50 – 6, 5(2), 7(2) tables.

In the parentheses above you can see the amount of CAP-tables.

Meanwhile, we have spotted a notable growth of tables running from 10-00PM to 4-00AM:

  • NL100 – 6, 10(1), 14(2) tables;
  • NL200 – 1, 9, 15 tables;
  • NL400 – 2, 5, 76 tables.

In the parentheses above you can see the amount of CAP-tables.

There were also some higher-stakes (NL600-NL5000) games running , but usually there were only 1-3 tables and they have been inconsistent during night-time.

As for full-ring tables on PokerKing, we have noticed that only at NL200-400 there were considerably more tables in the morning compared to 10-00PM –  4-5 tables for each limit compared to only 1.

At every other limit (from NL10 to NL100) the amount of 9-max tables during night-time was approximately the same – from 4 to 7 for each limit.

In PokerKing we have found considerably less games in PLO, although we have seen one table of PLO5k running in the morning. Only at PLO100 we have spotted a notable growth of the amount of tables running from 4-00 to 8-00 AM. At every other limit there were always 3-4 tables running.


This canadian poker-room offers smaller rakeback compared to PokerKing, but it has a weaker field at all limits.

During night, we have noticed a significant increase of running 6-max tables only at NL10 (from 9 to 15-16 tables) and NL50(from 2 to 9 tables). At every other limit the number of tables running was approximately the same:

  • NL25 – 7-9 tables;
  • NL100 – 7-10 tables;
  • NL200 – 3-4 tables;
  • NL500 – 2-4 tables.

Unlike PokerKing, we have seen the most expensive games running in TigerGaming at 10-00PM (NL1k and NL2k, 2 tables of each limit), but later on they have disappeared.

Full-ring tables in PokerKing are quite popular, but the amount of tables running has been more or less the same:

  • NL10 – 5-7 tables;
  • NL25 – 3-4 tables;
  • NL50 – 1-2 tables;
  • NL100 – 5-7 tables;
  • NL200 – 3-5 tables.

In TigerGaming the amount of PLO and PLO8 tables is just about the same, but at limits from PLO25 to PLO1k you would rarely see more than 5 tables of each limit. Only at PLO10 you can easily find more than 10 tables all night long.

Red Argentina de Poker

This latin poker network offers a good rakeback and softer field. You will run into more or less the same amount of NLHE and PLO tables, although you will find more expensive games in PLO.

In Red Argentina de Poker all tables are separated into 2 types: first ones use brazilian reals (1FBR – $0.26) and second ones use speacial chips (1CHP – $0,055).

We have divided all NLHE tables into 7 groups, which more or less represent the usual poker limits (time stamps are the same: 10-00PM, 1-00AM, 3-00AM):

  • NL11-13 (FBR 0.25/0.5 CHP 1/2) – 6(2), 9(2), 13(2);
  • NL22-26 (FBR 0.5/1 CHP 2/4) – 4(1), 6(1), 9;
  • NL33 (CHP 3/6) – 1, 5(1), 4;
  • NL50-55 (FBR 1/2 CHP 5/10) – 5, 7(1,) 8;
  • NL220(CHP 20/40) – 2, 1, 0;
  • NL275(CHP 25/50) – 1, 1, 0;
  • NL550(CHP 50/100) – 0, (1,), 2(1).

In the parentheses above you can see the amount of CAP-tables.

From that list you can see, that the amount of tables increases towards morning. At 4-00AM there were also 2 tables of FBR 2/4-3/6(NL110-150).

Here are the some numbers about night-time traffic in PLO:

  • PLO11-13 (FBR 0.25/0.5 CHP 1/2) – 9, 9, 9;
  • PLO22-26 (FBR 0.5/1 CHP 2/4) – 7, 7, 8;
  • PLO50-55 (FBR 1/2 CHP 5/10) – 5, 6, 6;
  • PLO100-110 (FBR 2/4 CHP 10/20)- 3, 3, 4;
  • PLO250-275(FBR 5/10 CHP 25/50) – 6, 4, 7;
  • PLO550(CHP 50/100) – 2, 2, 7.

Besides the highest limit, we can observe just about the same amount of tables during night-time.

Overall, if we consider all three poker-rooms as described above, then in most cases the optimal time for a night-time grind is the middle of the night and it ends around 7-8 AM. So, basically, you can get yourself around 5-6 hour night-time grind everyday.

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